This is the year to shop early!

We encourage you to shop early for the holidays this year as the printing industry (and specifically the printing presses) are in disarray and wait times will stretch much longer this season. 

“What?“ you ask.

Let me tell you.  There are very few printing presses left in the US and those that are still operating have far fewer workers on the floor.  And then, soooooo many books had their spring and summer publication dates pushed back to the fall so now there are even more books that need to get printed.  Shipping from China (where many printing presses are located) has its own set of issues this year.  And there's more, we can only fit 1-2 families into the store at a time which means that wait times for in-store shopping are also going to increase.  It's all going to be...challenging.

So what does that mean for you?  It means we are doing our very best to guess waaaaay ahead of time the number of copies that we'll sell this year because getting re-stock in by Dec 25 when we run out after Thanksgiving is not at all a certainty. Not. At. All.  So please do your shopping early. And please be patient with us as we adjust to our limited in-store browsing capacity and adjust to the longer arrival times from publishers and adjust to having fewer workers in the store.

But please also accept our continued gratitude for choosing us as your booksellers.  We know you have choices and we are working very hard to make the best of a very challenging time.

Thank you!


  • 1. In-store browsing is available every day 11-5.  We only allow 1-2 families in at a time (yay, safe) but the closer we get to Dec 25 the longer the wait times outside.  Right now (October) there is pretty much no wait during the weekdays and only 5-10 minutes on the weekends.  Sooooo, shop early!
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