We've Moved & Expanded!

After twenty years in the same location, our twenty-first seemed like a pretty good year to spread our wings. We're open in our new space! 6271 Delmar (just two doors down.)

We’ve made it through the overwhelming, stressful, and exhausting past year because of the outpouring of support from our customers – those who live just blocks away and those from across the country.  In the midst of all this chaos, an opportunity opened up for us to move into a much larger and much more accessible space.  We are so sad that Plowsharing Crafts closed its doors but feel very fortunate to have fallen into this chance for expansion, and one that required very little investment to make a go of it.

We were finally able to put into place the store envisioned so many years ago and we are excited beyond belief.  This new space is 2 ½ times bigger, which means we can properly staff ourselves in the age of Covid, we can safely allow more folks in the door (while still keeping in place all our safety protocols), and we can flesh out and expand our book selections to be even more wonderful and exciting than what you have come to expect from us. 

We feel like we are finally getting the chance to evolve into the neighborhood necessity we always wanted to be: an indispensable home away from home that is just…more of what we were before – more space, more books – but with the same welcoming crew and cozy atmosphere.

We’re still offering all of our same shopping options – curbside pick-ups, shipping, limited capacity in-store shopping, and web and phone orders, but once we get to the other side of this crazy year, we’ll throw our doors open and pack the rafters,  throwing one heck of a party.  We can’t wait to celebrate turning 21!


Construction finished, moved in, and open for business:


  Subterranean Books front  Inside Subterranean Books  Subterranean Books Event Space  Kids' section      

Subterranean Books storefront