Fall 2021 Washington University Coursebook Requirements



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Bang, Mary Jo: Poetry Workshop L13, 522

Brown, J. Dillon: Immigrants & Exiles

Brown, J. Dillon: Carribean Literature in English

Callier, Mary Helen: Poetry I

Dutton, Danielle: Fiction & the Visual

Gardner Perry, Zenique: Creative Non Fiction I

Gomez, Stefania: Poetry I

Hassan, Edil: Poetry I

Herd, Niki: Documentary Poetics (Writing 432)

Jang, Joseph: Poetry I

Maciak, Phillip: A Star Is Born: Literature & Celebrity

Maciak, Phillip: The Great American Novel

Nee, Kelan: Poetry I

Phillips, Carl: Craft of Poetry: Poetic Sequence

Rosenfeld, Jessica: Medieval Women Writing

Schmidgen, Wolfram: Literature & Justice

Schmidgen, Wolfram: Secret Life of Things

Stone, Glenn: Culture and Environment

Weinstock, Matt: Fiction Writing I