Fall 2020 Washington University Coursebook Requirements



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Brown, Eric: AMP: Early Political Thought

Brown, Eric: Philosophical Writing

Brown, J. Dillon: Intro to Postcolonial Lit

Brown, J. Dillon: Modern Texts & Contexts

Callier, Mary Helen: Poetry 1

Donish, Cassie: Craft of Poetry

Donish, Cassie: Poetry 2

Gutierrez, Joe: Poetry 1

Klimasewiski, Marshall: Craft of Fiction: Unoriginal Genius

Maciak, Phillip: A Star is Born:Literature & Celebrity

Maciak, Phillip: Great American Novel

Maciak, Phillip: Reading Culture: The Visible & The Invisible

Micir, Melanie: Contemporary Women Writers

Micir, Melanie: What If? Counterfactual Fiction

Phillips, Carl: Craft of Poetry: Prosody

Rosenfeld, Jessica: Medieval Emotions

Sanchez Prado, Ignacio: Spanish Major Seminar 405W

Sanders, Michael: The Nightmare Canon: American Horror Story

Sherberg, Michael: Classical Renaissance Lit

Sheriff, Sanam: Poetry 1

Shipe, Matthew: End of the Century: American Culture in the 1990s

Shipe, Matthew: Protest & Power in Contemporary American Fiction

Stone, Glenn: Anthro 361: Culture & Environment

Stone, Glenn: Political Ecology

Weinstock, Matt: Fiction 1