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JOHN JOSEPH RYAN'S short stories have appeared online in Akashic Books’ “Mondays are Murder” series, Shotgun Honey, Out of the Gutter, Suspense Magazine, and MARGIN, Exploring Modern Magical Realism. A verse noir poem appears in Gutter Books’ recent anthology Noir Riot. His poetry has appeared in various print magazines, including River Styx and Black Buzzard Review. John’s collaborative story, Hothouse by the River, which introduced private detective Ed Darvis, was produced in a limited letter press edition at the University of Iowa School for the Book. He lives in St. Louis with his wife and two children.

Ed Darvis, a St. Louis private eye, is pegged as a man who “likes justice too much.” Maybe that’s why business is slow; turns out not everyone in St. Louis is looking for justice. Revenge, deceit, and a little profit-taking on the side are all too often the modus operandi of cops and criminals alike. But when a beautiful woman walks into his bland storefront agency on the seedy side of town and asks him to help find her kidnapped daughter, Darvis’s life heats up. He must use his wits to survive, jabbing and feinting with deadpan directness and cynical ease, and when that doesn’t work, delivering justice with the blunt end of his .38 revolver.


LELAND SHANLE is a pilot, award winning author, and military/aviation technical adviser for the movie industry. His consulting projects include Pearl Harbor, Behind Enemy Lines, xXx, The Day After Tomorrow and Stealth. His production company–Broken Wing Productions–has worked on several aviation-based movies and series including the Discovery Curiosity Series; Plane Crash. He is the author of four books;

A Nazi’s Nazi, SS Generalleutnant von Bassenheim has no intention of surrendering. And Lieutenant Commander Atsugi, an Imperial pilot with nothing left to live for, wants nothing less than total revenge. With Axis powers facing defeat, the two men set out on a suicide mission in a submarine aircraft carrier with two nuclear weapons on board and two Sieran fighters destined to drop their loads on American cities. In a cat-and-mouse game spanning the globe, one OSS officer and a team of naval aviators and ship commanders race against the clock to find and destroy the rogue submarine.


CYNTHIA GRAHAM has a B.A. in English from the Pierre Laclede Honors College at the University of Missouri in St. Louis. She was the winner of several writing awards during her academic career and her short stories have appeared in both university and national literary publications. She was a winner of a juried book competition and has had flash fiction published in an anthology entitled Water’s Edge.  She is a member of the Historical Novel Society and the St. Louis Writer’s Guild.

When two boys stumble across the remains of a baby girl, headless and badly decomposed, in a swamp in Cherokee Crossing, Arkansas, Hick Blackburn, a reluctant sheriff with a troubled past, is called to the scene. With nothing to go on except the baby's race and sex, the task of discovering who she is and how she died challenges all of Hick's investigative skills. But Hick faces a deeper challenge. The vision of the infant has left him shattered, a reminder of a war crime he has tried to lock away, a crime that has begun to eat away at the edges of his life, destroying him one relationship at a time.


JACK AMBRAW is the pen name of Eric Ward, who served eight years in the U.S. Navy, including a two-year assignment at Subic Bay, Philippines. His day job is Vice President for Public Programs at the Linda Hall Library of Science, Engineering & Technology in Kansas City, and he is a doctoral student at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. He lives in KC and working on Yamashita’s Gold, a second Subic Bay Mystery featuring Decker and friends.

Subic Bay, Philippines. The navy’s Cold War outpost in the western Pacific. The USS Harvey. A bastion of American sea power in the Far East. But Elliott Decker doesn’t give a hoot about all that. He’s been on board ship a year, relishing the laid-back lifestyle of the tropical locale. It’s not just a job, it’s a dream assignment. That is, until a shipmate, Michael Kippen, falls overboard one night and disappears into the South China Sea.



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