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Jay Navies Reading/Signing for THE DAY COMETH

In The Day Cometh: Total Race Separation a charismatic civil rights leader incites a race-wide migration of all black citizens to Mars. The story is about all people learning to live together equally and peacefully as racial tensions come to a full boil forcing society to test the boundaries of connection and separation.  When Zordyn Kenyapha was a child growing up in apartheid-era South Africa, white men stole his family’s land. His father fought back and died for his resistance. Zordyn never forgot that day, especially since he promised his mother he would eventually become a powerful leader like his father, never turning his back on his African brothers and sisters.   Zordyn grows into an ambitious man who makes a groundbreaking decision. Hounded by the continued mistreatment of his people, he proposes a self-imposed segregation. The black population will relocate to Mars and build a thriving civilization there. This idyllic Martian diaspora causes a spate of increased violence that no one expected, and Zordyn and his followers must now decide if they’ve made the right move.   “The same problems of greed and social inequality in “The Day Cometh” are the same problems that plague the world today,” Navies says. “I believe this book will give readers a glimpse of what the future could look like if society doesn’t examine themselves and develop a system of unity.”

Jay Navies is an author, actor and member of the Screen Actors Guild. Born in the mid-1960s, he experienced the term “white-flight” in his middle-class neighborhood when it went from all white to all black. He also witnessed firsthand the riots in Ferguson, Missouri. He currently lives in St. Louis.


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ISBN: 9781480848184
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Published: Archway Publishing - July 24th, 2017

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