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The newest edition of this best-selling educational resource contains the essential information needed to understand all sections of the CPT codebook but now boasts inclusion of multiple new chapters and a significant redesign. The ninth edition of Principles of CPT® Coding is now arranged into two parts: • CPT and HCPCS coding • An overview of documentation, insurance, and reimbursement principles Part 1 provides a comprehensive and in-depth guide for proper application of service and procedure codes and modifiers for which this book is known and trusted. A staple of each edition of this book, these revised chapters detail the latest updates and nuances particular to individual code sections and proper code selection. Part 2 consists of new chapters that explain the connection between and application of accurate coding, NCCI edits, and HIPAA regulations to documentation, payment, insurance, and fraud and abuse avoidance. The new full-color design offers readers of the illustrated ninth edition a more engaging and far better educational experience. Features and Benefits • New content! New chapters covering documentation, NCCI edits, HIPAA, payment, insurance, and fraud and abuse principles build the reader’s awareness of these inter-related and interconnected concepts with coding. • New learning and design features — Vocabulary terms highlighted within the text and defined within the margins that conveniently aid readers in strengthening their understanding of medical terminology — “Advice/Alert Notes” that highlight important information, exceptions, salient advice, cautionary advice regarding CMS, NCCI edits, and/or payer practices — Call outs to “Clinical Examples” that are reminiscent of what is found in the AMA publications CPT® Assistant, CPT® Changes, and CPT® Case Studies — “Case Examples” peppered throughout the chapters that can lead to valuable class discussions and help build understanding of critical concepts — Code call outs within the margins that detail a code description — Full-color photos and illustrations that orient readers to the concepts being discussed — Single-column layout for ease of reading and note-taking within the margins — Exercises that are Internet-based or linked to use of the AMA CPT® QuickRef app that encourage active participation and develop coding skills — Hands-on coding exercises that are based on real-life case studies

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ISBN-13: 9781622025527
Publisher: American Medical Association
Publication Date: April 29th, 2017