First, and most important, thank you.  If you are on this page and considering making a donation please know that we deeply, deeply appreciate it.

I hesitated adding a Donate button. I didn't want to do it.  I would so much prefer you to find something to buy--a trade of money for goods.  I just don't feel right asking for a donation.  We're a business and we're supposed to make it as a business.

But our sales are dropping and our health insurance and our rent and our other basic bills are not.  I have got to find money to keep the staff paid.  We are trying new things to adapt and to cope and to keep selling books but every day is getting harder and I am so very worried about the coming weeks. 

So, we are asking for help in this way, too.  Please let your friends and family and acquaintances know that we are still in business, we are still selling books, and if it’s easier for them to just press the Donate button, well, that is here, too.

Thank you.  I hate that we need this, but we do.

--Kelly von Plonski

Owner of Subterranean Books