Time Gate: Ascension at Aechyr (Paperback)

Time Gate: Ascension at Aechyr By Evan J. Kuder Cover Image

Time Gate: Ascension at Aechyr (Paperback)


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One moment can change the world.

With the heir to the throne missing and a revolution simmering just below the surface, that moment draws near for the island nation of Aechyr. And eighteen-year-old Kennedy Frost may be the only one to save it.

Kennedy was just a runaway when he was recruited by Time Peace. Their mission: stop the evil conspiracy called Anarakia from dominating the timelines. And just as he sets foot on Aechyr, Anarakia sets their sights on it. Now Kennedy eagerly thrusts himself into his first mission while still trying to survive his superspy training.

Because Kennedy and his fellow trainees may not be the only ones undercover at the prestigious Aechyr Academy. Hiding in plain sight at the college may be none other than the princess who renounced the crown years before. If Kennedy can find her, she could bring stability back to the nation. Or it could all be useless against the grand machinations of Anarakia. Kennedy will have to learn the game fast, or it'll all be lost. The moment he chooses between playing by the rules and being a hero will change more than one world.

Product Details ISBN: 9798986711300
Publisher: Meta Time Publishing LLC
Publication Date: November 9th, 2022
Pages: 410
Language: English
Series: Time Gate