Advance Cardiac Life Support: Short, Sweet and to the Point (Paperback)

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This is an "All in One" BLS and ACLS study guide. You will be able to, quickly improve your assessment skills to identify and treat life threatening emergencies in an efficient and timely matter. This guide will navigate you from basic life support to advance care and the return of spontaneous circulation. It includes the skills to care the adult who is experiencing respiratory, cardiac, shock and/or neurological emergencies. Early recognition and treatment of the signs and symptoms of acute coronary syndrome and stroke are key to improving patient outcome.

About the Author

Helen Carter RN, ADN Bachelor of Science in Natural Health AHA/ARC ACLS/BLS/PALS Instructor Trauma Nursing Core Course and Emergency Nursing Pediatric Course Instructor. Beginning her journey in the late Sixties, Helen worked part time as a nurse's aide while in high school. After high school as many young women did at that time she married and had three beautiful children. As the situation changed, so did Helen. She returned to Diman Regional School of Practical Nursing, completing and graduating from the then two year program. While working as an LPN. Helen felt the more she learned the more she didn't know. She was transforming, reaching out to a college councilor she founded herself enrolled in the nursing program at Bristol community college. After graduation, Helen worked the next 20 years in critical care (CVICU) at Charlton Memorial Hospital (South coast Hospital) Still changing as life changed she took a travel nurse position at Arizona Heart Hospital, Mayo clinic and her last assignment at Banner Health where she accepted a full time position in the training center. A new and different experience, opened the doors to a whole new learning curve Helen believes that the best way to learn something is to teach it. Learning and teaching for the next 10 years, blessed to, have so many great mentors. Too busy to look at the clock time was racing by. She and Dennis (her life mate) where getting old. Family was on the east coast and they were on the west. Travel across country grew more pricey and difficult especially for Dennis. Retirement age in reach. when the opportunity came up to retire a few months early with severant pay She asked why not? I can always teach part time. As though thrown into a whirl wind, she retired sold the house in Arizona packed up and moved to Florida. We could be closer to family without dealing with the cold and snow. Dennis had friends in Florida. A win, win situation so we though. We were met with one challenge after the other. Needing to get back to teaching if for nothing more than her own sanity. She quickly got in touch with a local training center, tears streamed her face as they said yes they could use her help. She was back in the flow of learning and teaching feeling blessed once again. Then came the report of the corona virus all classes would be placed at hold. It was time to shelter at home. Thanks to the support and encouragement of my friends. I wrote ....A guide, short, sweet and to the point to help students prepare for class.

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ISBN: 9781982248512
ISBN-10: 1982248513
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication Date: June 17th, 2020
Pages: 68
Language: English