The Girl Cloaked in Shadow (Paperback)

The Girl Cloaked in Shadow By Megan O'Russell Cover Image

The Girl Cloaked in Shadow (Paperback)


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Forgiveness is beyond the power of the Siren.

Magic and mystery fill the Siren's Realm, but danger seeps into the cracks of her world. The Comp re has arrived, bringing with him spectacle and brutality. In the face of unprecedented fear, the people of the Siren's Realm need a champion to defend them.

But Bertrand Wayland has left the Siren's Realm and the people who dwell there, and the Siren does not take abandonment lightly.

As the danger from the Comp re grows, the Siren casts Maggie Trent from her realm and into a world of darkness where death waits in every shadow. The city of Sarana is drifting toward a terrible end.

With nothing but doom left for Sarana's people, Maggie must find a way to save the city and bring Bertrand back to the waiting Siren.

Calling all witches and wizards This young adult fantasy adventure features the women in fiction and feminism in fantasy that fans of paranormal romance author Megan O'Russell love. With a strong female lead, this YA contemporary fantasy series lets readers run away into an alternate world of witchcraft and wizardry where the magic of a perfect utopia hides oppression and class differences.

Product Details ISBN: 9781951359034
ISBN-10: 1951359038
Publisher: Ink Worlds Press
Publication Date: October 29th, 2019
Pages: 256
Language: English