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Conan the Barbarian is a name known throughout Cimmeria, Brythinia, Turan, and all the territories bordering the Vilayet Sea—as well as most countries more familiar to us in the real world. The character has become a multifaceted industry, as famous in our world today as he was in his own world during the Hyborian Age. More than 50 novels and countless short stories featuring Conan have been written by a variety of authors, but the stories contained in this massive volume are all by the character’s creator, Robert E. Howard. Originally written by Howard to be published in the magazine Weird Tales in the 1930s, these include short stories such as "Shadows in the Moonlight" through to longer tales such as "A Witch Shall Be Born." Although many have taken up the challenge to extend Conan’s adventures over the years, Howard was a master of his craft, lovingly creating a mythical world in which his original masterpieces reign supreme.

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Robert E. Howard's (1906–1936) tales of heroic and supernatural fantasy won him a huge audience across the world and influenced a whole generation of writers, from Robert Jordan to Raymond E. Feist.

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