Nubia: Lost Civilizations (Hardcover)

Nubia: Lost Civilizations By Sarah M. Schellinger Cover Image

Nubia: Lost Civilizations (Hardcover)


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Drawing on the latest archaeological and textual discoveries, a revealing look at the rich and dynamic civilization of Nubia.
Nubia, the often-overlooked southern neighbor of Egypt, has been home to groups of vibrant and adaptive peoples for millennia. This book explores the Nubians’ religious, social, economic, and cultural histories, from their nomadic origins during the Stone Ages to their rise to power during the Napatan and Meroitic periods, and it concludes with the recent struggles for diplomacy in North Sudan. Situated among the ancient superpowers of Egypt, Aksum, and the Greco-Roman world, Nubia’s connections with these cultures shaped the region’s history through colonialism and cultural entanglement. Sarah M. Schellinger presents the Nubians through their archaeological and textual remains, reminding readers that they were a rich and dynamic civilization in their own right.
Sarah M. Schellinger is a lecturer in the history of art at Ohio State University, specializing in the art and archaeology of ancient Egypt and Nubia.
Product Details ISBN: 9781789146592
ISBN-10: 1789146593
Publisher: Reaktion Books
Publication Date: January 3rd, 2023
Pages: 208
Series: Lost Civilizations
"Nubia is the complex subject of art historian Sarah Schellinger's wide-ranging addition to the series Lost Civilizations. She brings Nubia 'out of the shadow of Egypt' and reveals it as an ancient world power, entangled with Egyptian culture as 'frenemies' for three millennia."
— Nature

“Nubia [aims] to disseminate knowledge about the complex and diverse populations of the Middle Nile, spanning from the Palaeolithic to the recent past . . . Nubia presents the history of Nubia using clear language, free of jargon, and this is a strength. The book also helps to raise awareness of Nubia as a ‘civilization’ in its own right—a praiseworthy attribute.”
— Antiquity

"As with many 'lost civilizations,' Nubia was never truly lost. Schellinger traces Nubia from prehistory to present-day Sudan and then the diaspora of its peoples in the wake of current conflicts."
— Lection