Twisted by Time (Paperback)

Twisted by Time By R. L. Perez Cover Image

Twisted by Time (Paperback)


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A fall through time. A reckless witch. A war of monsters.

17-year-old witch Desiree Campbell tries to cast a spell to go to Miami for spring break.

But she ends up in Cuba a hundred years in the past.

The year is 1898. The Spanish-American War rages. Demons thrive in the city, preying on humans. Desi is caught between the war of mortals and the war of monsters.

She meets Oliver Gerrick, a handsome American soldier and warlock. He offers to help her fight off demons and find a way home.

But the path to returning back to her own time won't be easy. Demons attack, hungry for blood. And Desi suddenly finds herself targeted by a powerful demon lord.

He knows she's time-traveled. And he wants to keep her trapped in 1898 forever.

Book One: Twisted by Time

Book Two: Devoured by Darkness

Book Three: Bound by Blood

Product Details ISBN: 9781735049205
ISBN-10: 1735049204
Publisher: Willow Haven Press
Publication Date: July 8th, 2020
Pages: 438
Language: English