The Elements of the Gate (Paperback)

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The Elements of the Gate (Paperback)


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This book is a bundle. It includes novellas 5-8 of The Elements of Kamdaria: River Gate, Smoke Gate, Vine Gate, and Ember Gate.

The empire is full of unrest.

Talise is ready to accept her new leadership roles but isn't sure how. It doesn't help that the emperor wants to take out enemy bases, yet he remains oblivious to the other conflicts around them.

The aristocratic citizens of the Crown are angry at the emperor for lying about their enemy. The middle-class citizens of the Gate are angry at the state of their once great empire. And the poor, desperate citizens of the Storm are beginning to awake after years of oppression.

Problems multiply when the enemy obtains knowledge about a mysterious amulet that has the power to destroy armies. With her heart still in pieces, Talise struggles to meet the obstacles ahead. But the truth soon becomes clear.

If she can't gain back loyalty from the citizens and find the ancient amulet, the empire will be lost forever.

This paperback bundle includes exclusive content not available in the individual novellas:

  • Novellas 5-8 (River Gate, Smoke Gate, Vine Gate, and Ember Gate)
  • Map of Kamdaria
  • Character Illustrations of Wendy and Claye
  • Bonus Chapter from Claye's perspective

Product Details ISBN: 9781732458871
ISBN-10: 1732458871
Publisher: Marten Press
Publication Date: July 14th, 2020
Pages: 544
Language: English