Learn to Grow Old (Paperback)

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By Paul Tournier, Edwin Hudson (Translator)
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Synopsis: In this warm, sensitive, fact-filled book, Paul Tournier deals specifically with many aspects of aging: society's attitude towards the elderly; second careers; the quality of life; financial difficulties; boredom; health; loneliness; and facing death. He believes we must all learn to grow old, and that the process is most successfully accomplished when we prepare and plan for it throughout life. Tournier offers a variety of suggestions to help make growing old not an end but a new beginning, filled with purpose and hope. He suggests ways to remain active and to use leisure to its best advantage without letting it become a tyrant. He also provides insights on taking up new interests, such as becoming involved with young people and new ideas, and learning to pray, to meditate, to acquire wisdom, and to draw increasing strength and inspiration from the reality of divine presence and power. Endorsements: "Dr. Tournier wrote this book when he was seventy-two years of age. His accounts of a meaningful life and a meaningful death will enrich the reader--yet he offers no easy answers. This writing, which blends his experience as a doctor with a firm grasp of biblical knowledge and psychological theory, will stir the imagination of the reader of whatever age and of whatever faith. His ability to express complex existential truths and to encourage faith, honest doubt and hope is an astonishing legacy." --John Cox, Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry, Keele University, and former Secretary General of the World Psychiatric Association. "This very positive book gives a down-to-earth, realistic, and constructive perspective on aging for readers of any age. It is excellent for both professional and lay persons." --Eternity "A book as important as this one ought to be read by persons in their twenties, and should be required reading for those reaching forty." --The Christian Century Author Biography: Paul Tournier (1898-1986) was a general practitioner in Geneva and also an active Christian. In 1940, he published his first book, La M decine de la Personne, later translated into English as The Healing of Persons. He changed his medical practice by taking most of his time for listening and talking to his patients, not only considering the physical dimension of their being but also the psychological and spiritual dimensions. In 1947, he founded the International Group of Medicine of the Person. He wrote many books which were widely received throughout the world and were translated into more than thirty languages.

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