Pharmacotherapeutics for Advanced Nursing Practice (Hardcover)

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Pharmacotherapeutics for Advanced Nursing Practices focuses on the critical information necessary for prescribing drugs for common diseases and disorders. As the role of the advance practice nurse expands, this text is an outstanding resource for nurse practitioners and physician assistants which will prepare them for an increased role in everyday healthcare while introducing the latest updates on drug information. Advanced Pharmacotherapeutics is organized by AHFS categories with a format that enables students the opportunity to apply aspects of prescribing, such as drug selection, special population considerations, therapeutic drug monitoring, adverse reactions, drug to drug interaction, as well as guidance on processes for adding or changing therapy. Color symbols show pharmacokinetic considerations of each drug within its class and these symbols guide the practitioner to an appendix for additional detail if needed. Key Features: Learning objectives Key terms Drug class summaries (consolidating within class considerations) Detailed appendices AHFS categories Drug agent described in a framework grid Symbols to guide reader in an "at a glance" format Case studies with questions to reinforce learning.

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ISBN: 9781284110401
ISBN-10: 1284110400
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers
Publication Date: March 31st, 2017
Pages: 772
Language: English