Safe Maternity & Pediatric Nursing Care (Paperback)

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LPN focused. Easy to read. Resource rich. Finally A new OB/peds textbook that focuses on what LPNs must know. You'll find just the right depth and breadth of coverage with a focus on the knowledge and skills that LPNs need to know to practice safely. The text works together with a wealth of online tools and activities on DavisPlus to help you master materials. An access code inside new printed texts unlocks your DavisPlus Premium online resources, including your Davis Digital eBook, the complete text online, for study anytime, anywhere. See what instructors are saying... "The content is really geared for the LPN/LVN student. The layout of the text highlights many different areas. Safe Maternity and Pediatric Nursing Care helps to prioritize content for the student as well as helps to focus their learning. This text is well organized " - Jan Didich, RN, BSN, MA, Assistant Professor at Clark State Community College "The organization of the material and the writing format in Safe Maternity and Pediatric Nursing Care make it easy to follow and understand. There are sufficient review questions at the end of each chapter to cover a good portion of the material. Also, there is a large variety of review exercises in the study guide that positively assist in the learning and retention process." - Valerie Jenkins BSN, RN Instructor at Galen College of Nursing "Therapeutic Communication is one of the most difficult areas for the PN student due to short amount of time in school and saturation of content. Safe Maternity and Pediatric Nursing Care does superior job with communication " - Darla K. Shar MSN, RN Associate Director Hannah E. Mullins School of Practical Nursing "Glad we have a better book for student success " - Shannon Dahms, DNP, RNC Nursing Faculty at Minnesota State Community and Technical College "Resources makes this book a winner. The therapeutic communication examples are a real plus and focus in our nursing program. I like the capstones: safety, promotion, expanded concepts, teamwork. Linnard-Palmer is more concise and in line with the LPN education goals." - Mary Davis, R.N., MSN, Practical Nursing Instructor at Wiregrass Georgia Technical College "Love the real-world case studies for the introduction What a great way to introduce the typical patient and start discussion " - Shannon Dahms, DNP, RNC Nursing Faculty at Minnesota State Community and Technical College.

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ISBN: 9780803624948
ISBN-10: 0803624948
Publisher: F. A. Davis Company
Publication Date: September 23rd, 2016
Pages: 792
Language: English