Book A Month Subscription Program

Each month we hand-pick and mail a book tailored to your or your loved one’s reading preferences.  Readers of all ages and interests are welcome.  A monthly subscription is the perfect gift!  

All taxes and shipping fees are included.  Fancy gift wrapping is an added bonus! 

Books you already own or just plain didn't like are fully exchangeable-- just bring in the book with the slip included with your shipment and pick out something else.  If you have any questions please give us a call at 314-862-6100 or email

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Tier 1 includes one of the following each month:

  • Two Children's Board Books or
  • One Children's Picture Book or
  • One Middle Reader Hardcover (or 2 Middle Reader Paperbacks) or
  • One Young Adult Hardcover (or 2 YA Paperbacks) or
  • Three Children's Early Reader Paperbacks (typically ages 6-8) or
  • One Adult Fiction Paperback or
  • One Adult Non-Fiction Paperback 

3 Months - $85

6 Months - $160

9 Months - $230


Tier 2 includes one book each month.  You may choose from the following categories:

  • One Adult Fiction Hardcover or
  • One Adult Non-Fiction Hardcover

3 Months - $115

6 Months - $220

9 Months - $325

Holiday book month

Here is a bit of feedback from some happy recipients:

"Absolutely fantastic gift option! I was beyond to find this option from a local store."

"We loved it!!!! Seriously. We just want to buy another one and hopefully be able to do a full year this time! My daughter was delighted by all the books and the one time she received a book she’d already read you guys were awesome about it. Thank you!!!!"

"I very much enjoyed my book of the month subscription. The books were a nice surprise each month and were not something that I would normally pick out on my own but very tailored to my interests. I feel like the person who chose my books really understood my interests. The process was simple to sign up for and a delight to open each month! -Andrea"

"This was a great gift! I want to sign myself up again & give subscripts to friends. Thanks!"

"This was a great birthday present for my friend, she loved it!"
- Denise

"This was such a great way to support local business during this crazy time! It was a really great thing to look forward to each month. We love the library, but there was a special treat to opening a surprise, curated book every month! And that new book smell doesn't hurt either."

"Subterranean’s book subscription is awesome! You can cater the subscription to your preferences so you’re guaranteed to enjoy every book you receive. It’s so easy to set up and they let you know every month when your next book has shipped. This is also a great gift and makes a lovely surprise for someone every month! Particularly this past year with Covid and loved ones not being able to get out and about. I was able to send a whole new world, a whole new life every month! I personally feel as though there is no better escape or oasis than a good book. I highly recommend signing up immediately! Thank you Subterranean for providing this excellent service!"

Ex: If you would like 3 non-fiction & 3 fiction paperbacks within your Tier 1 purchase, specify that here.
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