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Subterranean Books is proof that people continue to read, regardless of what you've heard from the media. A few years ago the shop was indeed in danger of closing, but the reading community rallied around the store and bought it back to health. The staple of the Loop is now busier than ever, with regular author appearances, a loyal customer base and a dedicated staff who can hand sell you any book with gracious good service. You want to buy an e-reader? Subterranean has 'em. You want to buy the new Peter Ackroyd book (there's always a new Peter Ackroyd book imminent)? Subby has it. Are you uncertain what you want to read? Alex, Tori or Rob will help you navigate the stacks to find the book that's right for you, whether that's something by Junot Diaz or Charles Dickens, Shel Silverstein or Adam Mansbach. They know books, they love books and they want you to leave with a new favorite in hand. 


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