Two Dollar Flat Rate Shipping Per Order

We are temporarily closing to in-store visits starting Wed, March 18.  Our new store hours are 11-7, every day. We're here, filling orders, we're just not open to the public and are instead answering the phone, email, and web orders so that we can still generate income but keep everyone safe. Instead of you coming to us, we will come to you. 

We are trying NO-TOUCH CURBSIDE PICKUP (11 am - 7 pm) and SAFE DELIVERY (11 am - 5 pm).  Please call (314-862-6100) for details.  We really need to be your bookseller! 

Every sale we make is important and we need you even more now and over the coming weeks, so we are urging you to remember that you have local options for books to be delivered straight to your car or your door. Our staff, our customers, and our community all mean the world to us.  Your health and well-being are in our hearts and our minds.  


Curbside Pickup TableNo-Touch Curbside Pickup (11 AM - 7 PM, everyday) -- Calling 314-862-6100 is the quickest way to reach us. We'll check to see if we have what you're looking for and if we do we'll pull it, run your credit card, and set it aside until you pull up to the curb.  This also works with online orders, although not as quickly. Call us when you find a parking spot on Delmar and we'll run it out to our long Curbside Pickup Table to make the exchange.  We're trying to designate a spot in front for Curbside Pickup but no guarantee on that staying open.  Easy peasy. 

Alex, delivery driver.Local Area Same-Day Delivery (11 AM - 5 PM, every day) -- Please indicate if you'd like to take advantage of our free home delivery service. We deliver within a one-mile radius of the bookshop, and, in certain instances, beyond the one-mile zone.  Titles must be currently in stock for same-day and you must be home.  We'll call you before we leave so that you know exactly when to expect us. 

Ship to Home: Whether it's in stock or not, we're always happy to ship. Call in your order to 314-862-6100 or place it online here and we'll ship it out using our $2.00 Flat Rate Shipping per Order Special.


Other services we provide that you've likely never considered before:


Thank you for everything you do.  We deeply appreciate it.-- Kelly, Alex, Gena, Sarah T, Sarah B, Griffin

Personal Recommendations...via Computer

Entire Staff Photo

All of us Subterraneans are missing our personal interactions and our job of matching the perfect book to the perfect reader. 

We miss people! 

So we've made some suggested reading lists for you to browse via computer.  It's the best method we can come up with right now (but you never know what we'll come up with next since every day is different!). Click here or on the photo above to see some options.