Two Dollar Flat Rate Shipping Per Order

We are staying closed to in-store visits but are still selling books via curbside pickup and delivery.

I'm not sure when we're going to open back up to foot traffic, but May 18 is too soon for us.  We are figuring it out as we go along but I'd like to see infection rates continue downward.  I want to feel confident that my co-workers and our visitors feel safe.  We're tiny so it may take us a while, but we'll get there eventually.  Thank you for your patience and your support.  Without you we couldn't be here at all.-- Kelly & the Subterranean crew

Our current store hours are 11-7, every day. We're here filling orders by phone, email and the web, preparing them for curbside pickup or delivery. (Please note: All web orders are run through the in-store customer accounts and are added into your Frequent Buyer Club accumulating totals (enrollment is free)  When your Frequent Buyer Credit generates we'll apply it to your online charge and notify you of what your online charge is lowered to.)



Curbside Pickup TableNo-Touch Curbside Pickup (11 AM - 7 PM, every day ) -- Calling 314-862-6100 is the quickest way to reach us. We'll check to see if we have what you're looking for and if we do we'll pull it, run your credit card, and set it aside until you pull up to the curb.  This also works with online orders, although not as quickly. Call us when you find a parking spot on Delmar and we'll run it out to our long Curbside Pickup Table to make the no-touch exchange.  We're trying to designate a spot in front for Curbside Pickup but no guarantee on that staying open.  Easy peasy. 

Alex, delivery driver.Free Local Area Same-Day Delivery (11 AM - 5 PM, every day) -- Please indicate if you'd like to take advantage of our free home delivery service. We deliver within a one-mile radius of the bookshop, and, in certain instances, beyond the one-mile zone.  Titles must be currently in stock for same-day and you must be home.  We'll call you before we leave so that you know exactly when to expect us. 

Ship to Home: Whether it's in stock or not, we're always happy to ship. Call in your order to 314-862-6100 or place it online here and we'll ship it out using our $2.00 Flat Rate Shipping per Order Special.




Thank you for everything you do.  We deeply appreciate it.-- Kelly, Alex, Gena, Sarah T, Sarah B, Griffin


This list is what people have been asking for, ordering, pleading for.  Several are on back order as we struggle to keep them in stock.  Please do order them; they'll come. Publishers are feverishly reprinting and shipping them out.  There is information out there to help you process and learn. Please click through for titles.

Antiracism books

Personal Recommendations...via Computer

Entire Staff Photo

All of us Subterraneans are missing our personal interactions and our job of matching the perfect book to the perfect reader. 

We miss people! 

So we've made some suggested reading lists for you to browse via computer.  It's the best method we can come up with right now (but you never know what we'll come up with next since every day is different!). Click here or on the photo above to see some options.