With heavy hearts, we say goodbye to Teddy

 Teddy in his bedTeddy took his sunset in the loving arms of his person, Gena, passing Sunday evening, July 31st, 2022.Teddy and Gena

Due to perhaps the most provident of chance encounters to take place in a Walmart parking lot—Teddy, Tedster, Ted-Ted, Tedward, Mr. Otter, aka Little Baby Dog began his new life with Gena and left whatever rough first go he had at life behind.  From the beginning of his arrival at Subterranean Books and up until his last shift, Teddy’s presence at the store was one of sweetness, levity, and overall ease. He was the most perfect little dog in the window. You all loved on him so fiercely and made sure every day he was dutifully reminded of his title: The Best Little Bookstore Dog anyone could wish for; and for that we are deeply indebted. 

In the coming days and weeks we ask that you please refrain from asking about Ted to give Gena a bit of privacy as she mourns the loss of her beloved and faithful companion, whom she so graciously shared with all of us.

With Love and Gratitude to Teddy’s extended Subbooks Family.