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Coursebooks Spring 2017 Washington University

Students: Please click on the class listing under your instructor's name to see the complete course requirements.  If you would prefer to buy them in-store you will need to know your instructor's name.  In the store, coursebooks have been organized by instructor, but should you need assistance any sales person will be happy to help you find yours.
Instructors: If you are interested in listing your coursebooks with us please contact Kelly at info@subbooks.com.  In general, we need your text requirements at least three weeks before classes start.  We'll also need to know what course you are teaching, the current enrollment numbers, and whether there is anyone on the waiting list.
Brown , J. Dillon
Dutton, Danielle
harris, francine
Hayward, Clarissa
Kessler, Caroline
Klimasewiski, Marshall
Le-Khac, Long
Micir, Melanie
Nakaue, Katharine
Riker, Martin
Rosenfeld, Jessica & Amy Reynolds
Rosenthalis, Nathaniel
Schmidgen, Wolfram
Stiefel, Eric


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